How to win on Starburst slots

We show you how to win on Starburst slots and the best tactics to improve your chances...
Let's be honest; we have all wondered how to win on Starburst slots. But not just how to - we have also wondered how to do it even better and reap more success. The truth is there's no secret formula to winning more often on this NetEnt game. This is a slot after all - with random results to ensure fairness. But there are ways to improve your chances. And in this article, we show you the very best tips and tricks. 
When we refer to Starburst slots, we are of course talking about NetEnt's masterful 10 payline slot. With its space theme, stunning 3D graphics and Hollywood special effects - it's no wonder this game is so popular. And then we have the bonus features; simple yet exciting and fun to play. Now that you are all caught up to speed, let's have a look at the tips:

Starburst Slots Strategies

You can instantly improve your odds with just three simple Starburst slots strategies. Using a combination of all three will increase your chances of taking home a prize. These strategies may seem simple - but often it's the small tweaks that make the biggest difference.

#1 Small bets produce small rewards: Seems obvious doesn't it? When you play small sized bets on a slot game, you are almost signing up for an endurance run. Just how long will your current bankroll hold out for? Sometimes you may get lucky and hit a nice win, but on a low variance slot like Starburst, these are far and few between. If your budget can manage it, try and aim for bigger size bets and then maybe scale your betting back down after a big win. You could also try strategy number 2...

#2 Big win? Keep some aside: It's tempting to plough all your winnings back into the slot. But this is also a way to quickly lose your balance. Remember, this is a how to win on Starburst slots guide, not how to lose. If you hit a big win, aim to withdraw a part of it and use the other portion for more gaming. 

#3 Take advantage of free spins: When you play with real money, there's always that risk that you might lose it. Thankfully, many generous casinos also offer Starburst no deposit free spins. This special welcome bonus requires no effort to claim; you simply sign up to claim your free games. When you play your spins, you will be left over with a bonus. You can either use it to play more Starburst - or try to meet the wagering and withdraw. Yes, you can actually withdraw this bonus as real money - providing lady luck is singing your tune.

Starburst Slots Cheats

We will be completely frank with you here: there is no such thing as Starburst slots cheats. And we shall tell you why. All slot games at regulated online casinos are programmed with a random number generator. This ensures completely random results when you play. This guarantees fairness for you at online casinos. It is also a regulatory requirement for these sites. 

Games are independently tested by special labs, who simulate millions of spins to test the RNG. This means that neither the casinos - nor the players can cheat the system. If a casino was found to be fixing results, then the website would lose its license. And if a player tried to alter the game, then there could be a prison sentence. 

The best way to win on this NetEnt slot is just to play the game naturally and have fun with it. There are a number of ways to improve the playing experience to make it more fun too. Playing on your mobile or tablet, setting up some automatic play - you could even try simple slot strategies like the leveller or booster.

If you are stilling wondering about different ways on how to win on Starburst slots, then check out latest Starburst slot tips or read our full Starburst game review.