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Online Blackjack at Mayfair Casino

Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games. It offers a thrilling gambling experience unmatched by other table games and one of the lowest house edges.

Mayfair offers members two ways to enjoy the classic game of 21. You can either play the game at a virtual table - or with one of our real dealers. 

Online games are a solitary experience played against the computer. It's private, giving you a chance to take your time and make the perfect move.

Play with a live blackjack dealer is a more sociable decision. And it's one of the most popular ways to play at Mayfair. With a live game, the action is streamed live from a studio location. 

It doesn't matter which device you use - hit or stand on your mobile, tablet or PC device. There's no additional software to download - you can play directly in your web browser.

Playing blackjack online at this casino gives you all the same features as a land-based casino. You can split promising hands, double down on a potential blackjack - or back out using the insurance bet. No matter which way you like to play, there's a perfect table waiting for you at this casino.

How to play Blackjack and win

Blackjack is a casino card game played with up to 8 decks of 52 playing cards. The maximum number of cards in a blackjack game is 416. The objective of the game is simple: get as close to a hand value of 21 as possible. 

If your hand is better in value than the dealers, then you win. However, if the dealer has a better hand - then you lose. If you and the dealer have equal value hands - then the round is pushed and original stakes are returned.

Improving your hand is simple - you can "Hit" to draw an extra card. Drawing additional cards will improve the value of your hand, potentially getting you closer to that 21 result. However, if you draw too many cards and go over the value of 21 - then you will "Bust" and forfeit the round.

To start a game, you are dealt two cards - the dealer is also dealt two cards, with one face down. This is what is known as a hole card. You then have a few options:

Stand: When you stand, you are telling the dealer you don't want any more cards. If you choose to stand, your hand will be locked in for the remainder of the game. If you have a high-value hand and feel like you may bust, then it might be a good idea to stand.

Hit: When you hit, you are requesting an additional card to improve your hand. Remember - if you go over 21, the dealer automatically wins. It's usually wise to hit if you have a low-value hand. Hitting on a high-value hand can be risky - but it can also secure victory.

Split: Splits can be made if you receive a pair of equal cards. For example, if you receive a pair of Aces - you can choose to play both as separate hands. Splitting gives you more betting opportunities - but also gives you more chances to lose.

Double Down: Have a feeling your first hit will create a winning hand? You can choose to double down, increasing your wager by 2x and locking in your hand. This can be a useful option if you have a ten or Ace in your hand.

At the end of the round, if your hand exceeds the dealer's hand in value - you take the round. 

Blackjack Rules - Learn to 21

Each blackjack game has its own set of rules which can be determined by several factors:

  • How many decks are being used in the game
  • Actions dealer can take on a soft or hard 17
  • When a player can double down
  • What types of pairs can be split

If you want to know the specific game rules for the style of blackjack you are playing - then you can check the paytable. This will also show you the total RTP of the game. However, some rules are common to any blackjack game you play. These are:

  • Aces can either be value 1 or 11 - they are one of the most important cards in the game

  • Jack, Queen and King are all valued at 10

  • Numbered cards retain their face value. For example, an eight of hearts will be worth 8 points towards the hand. 

  • If you are dealt a blackjack on your first two cards, then you are usually awarded a special prize. This could be as much as 1.5x your total staked bet. 

  • Blackjack games can offer insurance - allowing you to place a bet if a loss looks likely. Typically, the bet is offered if the dealer's up card is an Ace, King, Queen or Jack. The dealer will check for blackjack - giving you an option to take the insurance bet. 

  • 21+3 is a common blackjack side bet. This bet takes into account your two cards and the dealer's upcard to form poker hands. If you form a hand from the paytable, you win an additional prize.

  • Perfect Pairs is another popular side bet you will find in blackjack games. For this bet, you are wagering on the odds of you dealt cards being a pair. The value of the prize depends on the pairs are dealt, with a suited pair being of the most value.

If the dealer and player have the same value hand, then the bet is pushed. This will return the players full stake back to them.

Blackjack Strategy Made Easy

Once you have played online blackjack long enough, you will start to get a feel for what you should do in certain situations. For example, if you are dealt a low-value hand - then your instinct will be to hit to get a higher value hand. Here are some other simple strategies to follow.

  • If the dealer has a strong hand, and you have a hand that looks like it could bust - then it might be worth hitting. For example, the dealer has an Ace as their up card and you have a 19. In this case, there's a high chance you could lose - but by hitting you may pull out a surprise win by drawing a 2.

  • If the dealer has a mediocre up card and you have a high-value hand, then it would be wise to stand. For example, the dealer has an 8 - and you have an 18. In this instance, there's a high chance the dealer could bust, giving you a potential easy win.

  • If you are dealt a10 card and the dealer has a mediocre card - then you may wish to double down to capitalise on a strong hand. You could draw an Ace, giving you a potential blackjack win.

  • Always try and split Aces if the game allows - these cards have a high chance of hitting a blackjack win. 

  • Your strategy will change if the dealer can hit on a soft 17. This simple rule change gives the dealer an extra chance of winning and more of an advantage. 

  • If you are a beginner to blackjack, it is wise to observe how a few games play out. You can also choose to join a low stakes table with small betting limits. Play the minimum value to join the game and watch out for what works - and what doesn't.

For experienced players, a blackjack strategy chart can be a valuable tool, showing you the optimal plays based on the dealer's cards. However, repeated game rounds and losses will give you the same experience.

Keep in mind that blackjack is a casino game and random outcomes can thwart even the most optimised strategy. For example, a dealer may have a high chance of busting on a certain hand, but that doesn't eliminate the small chance they might win.

Popular Blackjack Games at Mayfair

At Mayfair, we are proud to offer this classic casino game for your gambling entertainment. Thanks to our software partners, we offer a deluxe range of blackjack styles including:

Low Stakes Blackjack

Low stakes Blackjack games gives you the chance to play your favourite casino card game on a modest budget. At Mayfair Casino London, we offer a range of affordable table options for everyone to enjoy. All of our low stakes casino games can be played on smartphones and tablet devices for ultimate convenience.

High Roller Blackjack Games

We also accommodate players that may have larger gaming budgets. In these high roller rooms, you are permitted to bet hundreds and even thousands on a single betting session. These tables offer the highest risks - but also the best chance for rewards. Thanks to premium design and a comfortable betting environment - these are the ultimate games for high stakes players.

Mobile Blackjack

Smartphone technology truly is a modern comfort - giving us the chance to play mobile Blackjack whenever and wherever we feel like. We are proud to offer a full suite of the latest mobile card games with a wide range of stake limits to suit all.

VIP Blackjack

If you want to play blackjack in the lap of luxury, then enjoy a pampering in our VIP rooms! Blackjack Diamond and Blackjack Gold give you access to a more luxurious playing setting, higher table limits and the same exemplary service. If you are part of our VIP scheme, you get access to a whole range of other benefits like exclusive bonuses and free spins.

Online Blackjack FAQ

What is the best way to win online blackjack?

The best way to win in online blackjack is to use a strategy chart or guide specific to the rules of that blackjack game. For example - a game where a dealer stands on a soft 17 will play differently from a game where the dealer hits on 17. There will be different ways that hands should be changed to reflect the rules.

What is the worst hand in Blackjack?

The worst starting hand in Blackjack is a hard 16. At the very minimum, most blackjack games will ask the dealer to stand on a soft 17. By landing a 16 - there's no way a dealer will be required to play more cards and potentially bust. It's also a poor hand if it is comprised of a pair of 8s, splitting could lead to a more disastrous loss.

What happens if a dealer and player gets 21?

In the event of both the player and a dealer landing 21 then the bet will be Pushed. This means you will receive your whole stake back - and you will not lose anything. It's easy to think of this outcome as a tie.

What is the return to player of Blackjack?

The return to player for online blackjack is 99.54% - resulting in a house edge of 0.46%. For player returns, blackjack is consistently one of the best games you can play at our UK online casino.