Top 5 Cleopatra Slots Game Tips

Discover Cleopatra slots game tips and tricks to help your gameplay
Cleopatra is the most popular slot of all time by a considerable margin.

And it's no surprise that players the world over have tried to unlock her secrets. After all, the rewards hidden in this 20 payline slot are vast. But is there a way to best this IGT slot using Cleopatra slots game tips? 
In all honesty, it depends on what you define as tips. If you want a sure fire way to win - or some kind of cheat or way to trick the game, then we have to disappoint you. This is an online slot with random outcomes and a predetermined RTP after all. But that doesn't mean you can't improve your gaming experience.

Cleopatra Slots UK Tricks

In this short article, you will find tricks that improve your overall Cleopatra experience. These tips were developed using the Cleopatra slots UK version. But you can use them on any version of the game you like. In fact, some of these strategies can even be adapted to fit other slot games.

 #1 Minimum bets produce small wins 

This is a high variance slot with some considerable winning potential. But to unlock that potential, you will need to up the ante. Playing max bets or near the max bet threshold will give you access to the biggest wins the slot can produce.

There is a common misconception that you can still hit the same kind of wins from low-value bets. And this isn't true: the win amount will be proportionate to your total bet. In summary, you can still win big with a low value bet - but it won't be as much as you could win with a higher bet.

#2 Manage your budget

If you want to maximise your time with the Cleopatra slots game, then we suggest you make a budget and stick to it. Only bet what you can afford;  if you use up all of your gaming funds. then it's probably a good idea to stop. 

One way to manage your gaming budget is to deposit a set amount of cash and only use this. Or you could set yourself a daily limit - only betting what you are allowed for the day. Of course, budgets always require discipline - but playing responsibly is the best way to play.

#3 Gamble bonus rounds can be useful

Some versions of this slot will feature a special gamble bonus feature, which allows you to double your wins. While we wouldn't recommend this for really big wins - using it for small value prizes is not a bad idea.

Let's say you score a win that is slightly less than what you staked. It may be a good idea in this case to use the gamble feature to potentially double up your funds. The same goes for even bet wins - you could double your money within seconds. Be warned: by gambling your win - you also have the potential to lose it! It might be tempting to try and double a huge win - but it could cost you dearly.

#4 Speed up your game rounds

Love playing at turbo speed? If you want to enjoy the Cleopatra slots game at a faster pace, then you have several options. For one, you can use the autoplay option, which will automatically play the game for you. If you're on a PC, holding down the spacebar will make every spin much faster as well.

And if you're playing via a tablet or smartphone, then tapping the game screen again during mid spin can speed up the animation. We only suggest you crank up the game speed if you want to fit in as many betting opportunities as possible. It can also be a viable tactic if you just want to activate the free spins quick.

#5 Try other flavours of Cleopatra

This slot series may not be on the same scale of something like Rainbow Riches, but there are a number of different versions of this classic game. Jackpot hunters will certainly appreciate the huge prizes available in Cleopatra Megajackpots. In this slot, the wild symbol is replaced with a new Megajackpots wild. Chain five of these symbols together to bag the main prize. 

Lovers of mobile strategy games will love Cleopatra Plus. Collect followers and unlock all-new bonus features in this exciting slot. Keep collecting followers and you will even unlock new maps and improved bonus mechanics.

If you need some more help with Cleopatra, check out our IGT slots page, where we feature even more tips and tricks. You can also find other classic games from this world-class developer.