Embrace your inner beast with our £3k Red Tiger Gaming cash stake

Start spinning in our Red Tiger Cash Stake for a chance to win £1,000 real cash!
It may be getting chilly outside - but our new £3k Red Tiger Cash Stake will surely warm you up.

And just as the name suggests, it's the turn of Red Tiger Gaming to entertain this time. Play any Red Tiger slot until the 14th November and you will notch your place onto the slots tournament leaderboard.
We have 50 prizes for you to get your hands on over the next two weeks. But unlike previous slots tournaments, this time the winnings will be paid as real cash. That means no wagering and no fuss - you can withdraw the fruits of your hard work as soon as you receive them.

Red Tiger is a relatively new addition to Mayfair Casino. But their games have proved to be some of the most popular in recent weeks. With stunning graphics, creative gameplay elements and some impressive payouts - it's no wonder this provider is the talk of the town. 

If you need some inspiration to get spinning with some of their games, then allow us to share a few recommendations.

Mega Jade Slots

Mega Jade slots is one of the most simple slot games you will ever play. But it will also probably be one of the most fun. There is no ways to wins or paylines to worry about in this slot. All wins pay adjacent, which means left to right, right to left and even the center will all award a win. There are no free spins or other bonus features - but there is the mega sized 3x3 jade symbol which can appear anywhere on the reels. If this symbol falls, then you can expect a guaranteed win! The fact that this game lacks other bonus features makes it a great choice for the Red Tiger Gaming cash stake. The less time in features - the more time you can spend climbing the leaderboard.

Treasure Mine Slots

Dive into the mystical mines to discover treasures, ancient relics and... dragons?! Yes, Treasure Mine slot is brimming with character. You can collect valuable gems in the Treasure Run bonus feature - or activate one of three wild features. This usually involves the Viking getting his backside set on fire. But you know what else is hot? The chance to win 1000x your total staked bet!

Lucky Wizard Slots

Yep, this wizard does look like a leprechaun in disguise. But you probably won't care about that once he starts unleashing his lucky magic. On any random spin one of four lucrative symbols can activate to bless your reels. The sorcerer could conjure up an army of random wilds, remove all lower value symbols or even swap out symbols for guaranteed wins. If you land the lucky win symbol - Lucky Wizard slots might even magic up a special prize.

That is just three games to get you started out of 30+ different titles from this provider. Remember: you have until the 14th November to make your name on the leaderboard. So unleash your slots beast and start spinning now!
Beth Walker

03 Jan 2020