Can you play no deposit slots and keep what you win?

Play no deposit slots & keep what you win? Yes, it's possible. We show you how to in our quick & easy to follow guide.
No deposit slots are worth their weight in gold.

The opportunity to play a slot for free with the chance to win real money? That's like going to a supermarket and getting your weekly shop for nothing. While these bonuses can award real cash - there's also a chance you could end up with an empty bonus balance.
And that's why it's important to give yourself the best chance of converting that bonus. There are countless rookie mistakes you can make. But after reading this short article - you will know exactly where you are going wrong. Here are our top no deposit slots tips.

Free Slots No Deposit Wagering

It's really tempting to glaze over the wagering. 10x, 20x, 30x - who cares? It's just a number after all. Well, this is the most common rookie mistake. New players may just be blinded by the amount of bonus they can get. 

And they will not pay attention to the fine print. Every free slots no deposit bonus will have a wagering number attached to it. And you should be aiming for the lowest wagering possible when claiming a bonus.

Compare online casinos - and you will find they all have different wagering requirements. Aim for the lowest - always. An extra 5 times wagering could burn out your balance in no time at all. While you are there, check if there are any max win limits, max bonus conversions or withdrawal restrictions. You can usually find the bonus terms on the site's promotion page.

It's not sexy or cool - but the smartest way to keep what you win from a free bonus is to not take the bad bonuses. 

Slots No Deposit Bonus Side Bets

If you have some experience playing slots at mobile casinos - then you may have seen a gamble bonus round. Or an extra side bet you can make to activate features more often. Steer clear from these types of side bets. Your slots no deposit bonus will thank you once it's safely in your bank account. 

The reason why you should ignore side bets is that they often have a low hit rate - or can cause you to lose the bonus faster. In the case of a gamble bonus round, the opportunity to double you money is tempting - particularly after a big win. But if you make a wrong pick, you lose everything.

Sure, you could get lucky and score an amazing win on a side bet. But we all know luck is a fickle mistress. And her fickleness is all too evident playing online slots.

£10 No Deposit Slot Bonus or Free Spins?

Do you just want some free spins? Perhaps you have been giving some serious thought to that £10 no deposit slot bonus? Finding a bonus is a simple task for the savvy gambler. There are all sorts of sites ready to throw their cash at you. But not all bonuses are for everyone. Here are the most common bonus types you will find at online casinos.

Free Spins - A good choice if you don't mind putting in some work first. You will be given free spins to play a specific game. Casinos love Starburst slots - so you can expect to find plenty of offers for this game. Once you have played your spins, you will be left with a bonus. And you can turn that bonus into real cash once you meet the wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonus - With more casinos switching to free spins, it's hard to find these kinds of offers. But if you do - this kind of bonus gives you much more freedom immediately. You can claim the cash and then play whatever game you like to meet the wagering. It's quicker than claiming free spins - but not by too much.

While both of these bonuses may differ slightly - they do allow you to achieve the same goal: play free slots with no deposit required

Best No Deposit Slots Tip

Let's be honest - you could lose all your no deposit cash. Even if you pick the right bonus with the right wagering. There's still a chance you could come away with nothing. And at times, you may feel frustrated. But it's okay - you can just rinse and repeat at another casino! Gambling websites are always looking for new players - and that means there will always be some kind of offer to claim.

The beauty of these bonus codes and offers is that there's no risk involved. And they are quick to claim. So if you come away empty-handed - start up your Google search again, find another UK site and follow the same tips. Eventually, you could get lucky and win real money. If you choose a bonus with Starburst involved - then we suggest reading up on our Starburst slot tips.