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Enjoy the very best online Roulette games on all of your favourite devices at Mayfair Casino. We offer a huge selection of games with table limits to suit all budgets. Want something more authentic? Head to our live casino and take on our real dealers. Come spin a win today.
Online Roulette is one of the most in-depth casino games available, offering variety unmatched by other casino games. To the casual onlooker, the classic French wheel may seem like nothing more than a betting table and a spinning wheel. 

The beauty of roulette only truly reveals itself once you take up that seat (or virtual space) and start understanding just how varied and exciting the game can be.

Online Roulette Game Types

Once again, two online roulette games may appear to be the exact same to the untrained eye, but real casino connoisseurs understand the subtle game mechanic tweaks that make each and every game of Roulette special. 

A Brief History of Roulette

Also known as European Roulette, the origins of roulette can be traced back to Parisian casinos in the 18th century. A genius by the name of Blaise Pascal would set the foundation for the eventual spinning wheel in his quest for a perpetual motion machine. 

100 years later, Frenchmen François and Louis Blanc would introduce a single zero wheel in order to compete with other gambling houses, who primarily offered double zero versions. The single zero wheel format from then on would be considered French Roulette.

American Roulette

The only real difference between an American wheel and a French wheel is the addition of a double zero pocket, which as we know was one of the primary wheels used in 18th-century gambling houses. 

We also know that to draw in customers, two rival Frenchmen invented a roulette wheel with a single zero pocket. But can a single zero make that much difference to the house edge?  

Yes, it does. An online roulette game featuring a single zero has a house edge of 2.7% - with two green pockets, this figure almost doubles to 5.2%. 

Live Roulette

Modern technology has improved every area of our lives - and casino gaming is no exception. The birth of the online casino was just the beginning. The next step was bringing the thrill of a live casino environment into your very own home. 

Thanks to video streaming technology, elaborate online roulette games are recorded and delivered directly to your PC and mobile devices - where you can bet and experience authentic casino action.

"State of the art" is a phrase overused in online casino. But in our live roulette games, the phrase couldn't be any more fitting. 

Our NetEnt live casino tables reinvent the experience with deluxe multi-camera setups, captured in stunning HD. This is Hollywood style production that you won't find in any other live game. 

Of course, these live roulette games are also operated by professional dealers, trained to offer outstanding service ensuring that every session is a memorable one. 

The potential for interactivity in these games is second to none, as you can converse with the croupier along with your fellow players. 

If you prefer the social side of online casino, then you will enjoy playing live roulette games. And if you like a fast paced roulette game, nothing beats speed roulette.

Automatic Roulette

Live roulette is certainly fantastic; but the nature of having human hosts means that sometimes, there can be errors. 

These live games are also slower than a computer or machine. Live automatic roulette is a fusion of live and digital styles for a fast and fault-free playing experience. 

Using air technology, this game virtually plays itself with little human interaction involved. This game is designed for gamblers who want to maximise their betting opportunities.

High Roller Roulette

Want to up the Roulette ante? Then you need some High Roller Roulette. Unlike low stakes roulette games, you are afforded a much more generous upper betting limit. Here you can bet thousands on a single spin, creating a thrilling gambling experience. The risks might be great - but so are the rewards.

You can find the latest high stakes games at Mayfair Casino London on your mobile or PC device. And if you want to add some authentic casino flair to your gaming, head to our live casino for even more high stakes thrills.

Low Stakes Roulette

At the other end of the betting spectrum, we have low limit online roulette games - or what is commonly known as low stakes roulette. These games will tend to have a much lower initial bet limit and are perfect for budget gaming. 

You will also find that the maximum bet of the table is significantly reduced, which may not be ideal for players who enjoy significant gambling thrills. In this case, we would recommend the player look to the high roller roulette tables. 

Low stakes Roulette games give you the chance to place smaller and more manageable bets. We offer a variety of low stakes games across all devices, including mobile and tablet. 

Play Mobile Roulette

The chance to play mobile Roulette is truly a marvel of the modern age. But what are the benefits of playing on your mobile phone or tablet device?

#1 Much easier to play

For starters, playing on a mobile device is far easier than playing on a PC with a keyboard and mouse. Modern mobile roulette games are touch operated - and placing bets on the betting area is less finicky with a finger than it is with a mouse cursor. It’s also much easier to play because you get the benefits of being able to play where you like. 

#2 The portability factor

One of the most frustrating aspects of playing casino games on a PC is the fact that if you have something to do - you can’t continue the action from where you left off. With a mobile device, portable online roulette games are indeed a possibility as long as you have a connection to the internet. 

#3 Faster game speeds

Typically, roulette games on mobile are built to be lightweight - this means you get to experience faster gaming times. And that means less time waiting for game rounds to end and more time working out your next betting strategy. 

How to play Roulette: Roulette Rules you need to know

Online roulette is one of the most simple games to master and requires knowledge of only two components; the wheel and the betting area. To summarise how a game of roulette works; your objective is to guess which pocket of the roulette wheel a metal billard will fall into. 

To make this guess, you place a monetary wager on the betting area - the numbers and sections of the betting area correlate to the numbers and areas of the betting wheel. If you guessed correctly on the betting round, you win! The monetary reward paid out will be equivalent to where the bet was originally placed.

What makes the game of roulette special is just how creative you can get with your betting; it’s a game where variety truly is the spice of life. One moment you could place a safe inside bet on a red or black outcome. 

The next you could choose to go all in on 18 black. The rewards in roulette are equivalent to where the bet is placed, with riskier bets producing increased rewards. 

Some games of online roulette even include a bonus element; in these special games, placing a wager on the special segment will result in some kind of bonus feature.

Types of Roulette Bets

There are two main types of roulette bets: the outside bet - and the inside bets. As a rule of thumb, outside bets are your safe and comfy numbers, with great chances of winning at the cost of lower prizes. Inside bets are the risky bets presenting the greatest rewards.

Here's a rundown of the different types of bets in these two categories:

Outside bets (Higher odds, Low value prizes)

  • Red/Black - Betting on the ball falling into a red or black pocket (Pays 1 to 1)
  • Odd/Even - For this bet, you are wagering on whether the winning pocket will be an odd/even number (Pays 1 to 1)
  • High/Low - For this bet, you are wagering on whether the ball will land between numbers 1 - 18 or numbers 19 - 36 (Pays 1 to 1)
  • Columns - The column represents the 12 number rows that run down the length of the betting table (Pays 2 to 1)
  • Dozens - This bet covers a 12 cluster of numbers across the betting table (Pays 2 to 1)

Inside Bets (Low odds, High value prizes)

  • Straight Up - A bet placed on any single number (Pays 35 to 1)
  • Split - A bet placed between two single numbers (Pays 17 to 1)
  • Street  - This is a bet placed on a row of three number (Pays 11 to 1)
  • Corner - For this bet, place a chip at the centre point of four numbers (Pays 8 to 1)
  • Line - A bet placed on two rows of three numbers (Pays 5 to 1)
  • Five Number Bet - This is a bet placed on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. This is also known as the Basket Bet. (Pays 6 to 1)
  • Snake Bet - This bet covers positions 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34 creating the shape of a snake (Pays 2 to 1)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online roulette game?

European or French Roulette games are the best for returns due to their low house edge of 2.70%. With a 97.30% - 98.15% return to player - these games offer the best value at Mayfair Casino. They are also the most attractive games to use an even-money betting strategy.

What is the best payout in roulette?

A straight-up number bet offers the best payouts in a game of roulette at the expense of more risk. On a traditional European game wheel, this bet pays out at 35 to 1. Betting on the inside does increase your risk, meaning there is a chance you will lose me.

What roulette games can I play?

At Mayfair Casino, we offer an extensive selection of online and live dealer games from NetEnt. One of the most notable names in gambling software, NetEnt's roulette games are feature-rich and offer excellent gameplay.

American vs European Roulette: Which is better?

For the classic Vegas-style experience, American Roulette offers a more authentic gameplay style. However, your chances of winning are reduced due to the additional double zero on the game wheel - boosting the house edge to 5.26%. European roulette wheels only have a single zero and a much lower house edge of 2.70%.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest bet in roulette is an even-money bet - which comprises of red/black, odd/even and high or low. By betting on these spaces, you will enjoy almost 50/50 odds of winning - with winnings paid back in even money.

How many types of roulette are there?

There are three main types of roulette variations. American, European and French. The difference between these tables is small but significant. European and French tables are single-zero games - but the latter can have the La Partage or En Prison rule. American Roulette games use a special wheel which features an additional double zero number.