Live Three Card Poker

Play Three Card Poker Online

Live Three Card Poker adapts the world’s most popular table game for a much wider audience. It doesn’t matter If you’re new to the world of poker or have been playing for a number of years; this game is sure to appeal with its fast pace and well oiled mechanics.

How to Play Three Card Poker

A game of live 3 Card Poker starts like any other casino poker game - by placing the initial ante bet to play. Once the bets have been placed, you will be dealt a total of three card. 

Unlike most poker games where you play against players, this particular version of poker pits your hand against the dealers. If you’re happy with your hand and would like to proceed, then you will need to place a play bet to continue.

In order for the dealer to play in three card poker, he must first qualify. And that means his hand needs to be at least a Queen high. If he deals a lower hand value than this, the bet will be pushed and stakes will be returned. 

If the dealer does qualify, then the game is on. To add more excitement to your game, you could also optionally use one of the many side bet options. Think you might be dealt pairs or higher? Then you could place a Pair Plus Bonus bet for extra gambling thrills.

Who Should Play Live Three Card Poker

If you’re a poker fan or love card games in general, then we highly recommend joining in the three card action. Evolutions unique room is sure to entertain with multiple betting options, the finest live dealer games in the industry and a deluxe studio setting. Get ready to raise the stakes in this one of a kind live casino game!

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