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Speed Blackjack is a fast-paced Evolution live dealer game available on all devices. It's one of the fastest blackjack games around - reducing game rounds by over 30%. The rapid game rounds are achieved by dealing on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players who make an action first will receive cards the quickest!

Game Information

Game TypeBlackjack
Max Payout100:1 (21+3)
Best StrategyBasic Blackjack Strategy

Play Speed Blackjack right now at Mayfair Casino - or read our complete playing guide below for the latest strategies.

How to play Speed Blackjack

To win a Speed Blackjack game, you will need to have a better hand than the dealer. The best hand in the game is 21 - anything over this value will bust, resulting in a loss (this also applies to the dealer).

Hands are scored on the value of cards - number cards retain their face value, while Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10. Aces can be 11 or 1.

When you are ready to start, place your chips and choose how many side bets you wish to play. Once the betting round is over, the game will begin. The presenter will now deal two face-up cards to each player position.

The presenter will now draw two cards to the dealer position - one face-up and one hole card. If the upcard is an Ace or has a 10 value, the dealer will check for blackjack and offer the insurance side bet.

Once you receive your cards, you can choose to stand, hit, double down or split the hand if applicable.

After all hands have been dealt, the presenter will play their hand - after which all bets are resolved or paid out.

Speed Blackjack Rules

Here are the primary Speed Blackjack rules:

  • Game is played with an 8 deck shoe
  • Vegas rules: dealer gets two cards
  • Dealer checks for blackjack if they have 10, Jack, Queen, King or Ace
  • All pairs can be split
  • Split Aces receive one card
  • Blackjack win pays 3:2, taking Insurance and winning pays 2:1 
  • Insurance is only available if the dealer draws an Ace
  • Automatic actions enable for players who don't make a bet within 7 seconds
  • Auto hit enabled on hands lower than 11
  • Auto stand on 12 or more if player times out

Features & Bonuses

Speed Blackjack is virtually identical to standard blackjack. However, Evolutions makes changes to dealing and player decisions to speed up the game drastically. Here are the key features:

  • Player decision time is reduced to 7 seconds to enable faster game rounds
  • Players who decide first will receive cards before slower players
  • Auto dealing options for inactive players or those who do not bet fast enough
  • Auto stand on 12 or auto-hit on 11

For added payout chances, members can also indulge in the 21+3 and Perfect Pairs side bet. You also have the option to bet behind players if the table is full.

Side Bet Payouts

Here are all the payouts for the Speed Blackjack side bets.

21+3 - Your first two cards and the dealer up card are paid out like a poker hand at the following payouts.

21+3 Hand
Suited Trips100 to 1
Straight Flush35 to 1
Three of a Kind25 to 1
Straight8 to 1
Flush5 to 1

Any Pair - This side bet pays if you two starting cards are a pair. 

Any Pair Hand
Suited Pair20 to 1
Pair7 to 1

Speed Blackjack Strategy

Speed Blackjack does not alter any mechanical aspects of the game, so basic blackjack strategy can be used to great effect. However, due to the game rounds' speed, it's recommended to use a strategy guide or to memorise the various card matchups.


What is the maximum payout in Speed Blackjack?

The maximum prize in Speed Blackjack is 100 to 1 on the 21+3 side bet.

What is the best Speed Blackjack strategy?

Use basic blackjack strategy - due to the speed of game rounds, you may want to use a chart or try to memorise the optimal matchups.

Where can I play Speed Blackjack?

Speed Blackjack is now available at Mayfair Casino on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

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