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Side Bet City is a poker style live dealer game from Evolution. Each round presents new winning opportunities - with specific bets paying up to 1000x your total stake bet. While you are betting on potential poker hands, no poker knowledge is necessary to enjoy the game. Bet on the potential of a 3-Card, 5-card and 7-Card poker combo - or wager on all loss hand.

Game Information

Game TypeLive Dealer Card Game
Max Payout1000:1
Best StrategyAll Lose Insurance

Play Side Bet City right now at Mayfair Casino - or read our full playing guide below for the latest strategies.

How to play Side Bet City

To win a Side Bet City game, you will need to wager on which of the three betting options will create a poker hand.

You can bet on the possibility of a 3-Card, 5-Card and 7-Card hand - with each betting option presenting different payouts depending on the hand ranking. You can also wager that the three options won't make up a poker hand by betting All Lose.

Once you have placed your bets, the dealer will draw 7 cards. If any poker hands can be created from these cards within the specified hand numbers, the respective bet will payout. 

For example, if a 3-card poker hand can be made from the 7 cards, then 3-Card Hand will pay. If a 5 card hand can be made, the bet will payout and vice versa.

If you wager on the All Lose option and no poker hands are formed - the bet will also payout. Once all bets have been resolved, the dealer will get ready to draw for the next round.

Side Bet City Payouts & RTP

Side Bet City pays out on the number of cards in the poker hand - and the value of the hand itself, with the Royal Flush being the best paying hand in the game.

Here are all the hands and payout options.

Side Bet City Payouts
3-Card Hand
Royal Flush1001000500
Straight Flush40250100
Four of a Kind
Full House
Three of a Kind3573
Two Pairs
Pair JJ - AA
Any Pair1


Side Bet City Strategy

Based purely on RTP, the 3-Card hand is the betting option with the best chance of producing some returns. The best low risk strategy would be to bet on the 3-Card hand together with the All Lose side bet.

Banking on an All Lose outcome means you can receive some money back even if your primary bet loses. The All Lose bet also comes with a high RTP of 96.29%.

High risk players can bank on the 5-Card option exclusively to aim for the higher payouts. Using this tactic does make you eligible for the 1000:1 max Royal Flush payout. Again, you can use the All Lose side bet to rescue some of your money.


What is the maximum payout in Side Bet City?

The maximum payout in Side Bet City is a Royal Flush win from 5-Cards, awarding 1000:1.

What is the best Side Bet City strategy?

Use the All Lose side bet as a back up - it has a decent RTP and will rescue some of your funds if all bets lose.

Where can I play Side Bet City?

Side Bet City is now available at Mayfair Casino on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

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