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Lightning Dice is the electrifying dice game from Evolution. On each round, the presenter will drop three dice into the spectacular "Lightning Tower". Watch out for the "Lightning Numbers" - which boost prizes  by up to 1,000x on random rolls. If you want to roll with RNG multipliers, then this is the game for you.

Game Information

Game TypeDice
Developed ByEvolution
Max Payout1,000x Multiplier
Best StrategySpread Bets, All Rolls

Lightning Dice is now available at London's Mayfair Casino - for more details on how to play and strategy, read our full guide below.

How to play Lightning Dice

To win Lightning Dice, you will need to guess the outcome of a three dice roll. Different number rolls have different payouts (please see the payout section for more details).

The game starts with the presenter loading three dice into the top slot of the Lightning Tower. 

At this point, one or several numbers can receive an RNG multiplier, boosting the value of the roll prizes. Multipliers can be up to 1,000x in value depending on the Lightning Number.

Once all Lightning Numbers have been revealed, the presenter will crank a lever releasing the dice into the tower. The tower is filled with obstacles and pegs which automatically rolls the dice.

The three dice will fall into a tray at the bottom of the machine - and winning bets will be paid out. The presenter will now remove the dice in preparation for the next game.

Payouts & RTP

The RTP of Lightning Dice is 96.21% based on a total 3 or 18 bet. Here are all the payouts in the game and the multipliers that may apply to results.

Payout (Range)
Total 3 or 18149 to 999 to 1 (1000x)
Total 4 or 1749 - 499 to 1 (500x)
Total 5 or 1624 - 249 to 1 (250x)
Total 6 or 1614 - 99 to 1 (100x)
Total 7 or 149 - 99 to 1 (100x)
Total 8 or 136 - 49 to 1 (50x)
Total 9 or 125 - 49 to 1 (50x)
Total 10 or 114 - 49 to 1 (50x)

Lightning Dice Strategy

Here are a couple of ways you can approach the Lightning Dice game:

High Risk: Bet on All Numbers

By betting on all numbers, you stand the optimal chance of hitting a multiplier payout. However, there is a problem with this strategy - the top multiplier does not apply to all outcomes. The 1,000x top prize only applies to 3 or 18 outcomes, which have the lowest probability.

Medium Risk: Focus on 2-3 rolls

To reduce the risk, you can pick several numbers - which will still give you a chance to hit a multiplier. Using this tactic, you will also save money on your total bets, allowing you to enjoy the game for much longer. 9, 10, 11 and 12 have the best chance of appearing in the game, so for regular wins, you will want to focus on these positions.

Note: strategies should only be used to enhance your gameplay - and not as a way to make money.


What is the maximum payout in Lightning Dice

The maximum prize in Lightning Dice is the 1,000x multiplier on the 3 to 18 bet. For the maximum potential win, you will need to wager the largest possible stake in the room.

What is the best Lightning Dice strategy?

To hit multipliers, bet on all numbers - for fun and regular wins, bet on 9, 10, 11 and 12 exclusively. You can also add in the occasional 3 to 18 bet to give yourself a shot of winning the 1,000x payout.

Where can I play Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is now available at Mayfair Casino on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

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