Dragon Tiger

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Dragon Tiger is a live dealer game developed by Evolution. It's one of the most accessible games with only four betting options: Dragon, Tiger, Tie or Suited Tie. Set in a stunning Asian inspired studio, members can enjoy entertaining yet straightforward game rounds every 25 seconds. 

Game Information

Game TypeCard Game
Max PayoutSuited Tie (50:1)
Best StrategyBet on Dragon or Tiger, Martingale
FeaturesSuited Tie Side Bet

Learn how to play Dragon Tiger with the Mayfair Casino team. Find out the best ways to play and try the game for yourself in our lobby.

How to play Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a card game where you back either the Dragon or Tiger. You can also bet on a Tie or Suited Tie outcome. To play, tap or click on a betting option - your chips will now be placed ready for the game.

When a game starts, the dealer will draw one card to Dragon and another card to Tiger. The position with the highest value card wins. 

If the cards are matching - then the result is a Tie. If both cards are a match in value and suit, then this will be considered a Suited Tie.

You can view all game results in the roadmap displayed at the bottom of the betting area.


Dragon Tiger comes with the Suited Tie side bet. If you bet on the Tie option, then you can wager on the outcome that both cards match in terms of value and suit. With a 50:1 payout - this is the most valuable bet in the game.

Payouts & RTP

Here are all the payouts and return to players for Dragon Tiger.

Suited Tie50:186.02%

Dragon Tiger Strategy

You can approach Dragon Tiger in two ways, depending on how much risk you want to add to the game.

Low Volatility: Back Dragon or Tiger

The Dragon and Tiger bets have the best chance of paying out. Simply choose the Dragon or Tiger and bet exclusively on the same position. You can further augment your strategy using the Martingale. Both bets return at 1:1 if you guess correctly, making them a generally safe and steady option.

High Volatility: Back Ties with Side Bet

The Suited Ties side bet pays out at an incredible 50:1 - making it the most valuable payout in the game. To use this strategy, bet solely on the Tie and Suited Ties option. Using this tactic, you will be eligible for the game's best prize.


What is the maximum payout in Dragon Tiger?

The maximum payout in the game is 50:1 on the Suited Ties side bet.

What is the best Dragon Tiger strategy?

You can focus on the Dragon or Tiger bets for a chance at the games bet returns or you can add an element of risk by concentrating on Tie bets with the Suited Tie side bet.

Where can I play Dragon Tiger?

You can play Dragon Tiger and other Evolution live casino games right here at Mayfair Casino. You don't need to download any extra software to play - log in to your account and enter the room.

What multipliers can I win?

The game does not include multiplier features - but you can win up to 50x from the standard game betting options.

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