Football Studio

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Football Studio is a new live dealer game from Evolution. It takes all the thrill of the beautiful game - but adds a healthy dose of live casino action! Pick the winning side to score even money - or bank on a draw for even bigger payouts.

Game Information

Game TypeCard Game
Max PayoutDraw (11:1)
Best StrategyEven Money Betting, Martingale
FeaturesIn-Game Fixtures, Predictions

Learn how to play Football Studio right here from the Mayfair Casino team. Check out the game in the lobby and back your favourite side today.

How to play Football Studio

Football Studio is a card game with three betting options: Home, Away and Draw. To start playing, place a wager on one of the three betting options.

When the game starts, the dealer will draw one card to Home and a card to Away. The side with the highest value card wins the game! If the Home and Away positions have matching cards, then the result will be a Draw.

The results for previous games will be displayed in a football-style score right behind the game.


Football fans can enjoy the thrill of the beautiful games thanks to these in-game features:

Football Results & Fixtures: You can add football leagues to show upcoming fixtures and results. Click the "Add League" button and choose your favourite leagues to view as you play.

Dealer's Predictions: The presenter for the game will have their thoughts on upcoming games! You can find their predictions in the table to the side of the game. 

Football Chat: If you love chatting about football, the presenter will be more than happy to share some banter. The dealer is just as passionate about the game - and will discuss transfer news, match results and much more. They may even have some valuable betting tips...

Payouts & RTP

Here are all the payouts and return to players for Football Studio.


Football Studio Strategy

The best strategy in Football Studio is to focus on the Home or Away betting results using an even money strategy. The Martingale is a good choice for the game, providing you bet responsibly. You can earn consistent returns while playing safely.

The least optimal strategy is to focus on the Draw betting option. While Draw does produce better payouts, it also has a much lower chance. You also can't consistently use the Martingale method.


What is the maximum payout in Football Studio?

The maximum payout in the game is 11:1 on the Draw betting option.

What is the best Football Studio strategy?

Focus on the Home and Away results - they have the best chance of winning and are compatible with strategies like the Martingale. Don't worry about betting on the Draw - which has a high probability of losing!

Where can I play Football Studio?

You can play Football Studio and other Evolution live casino games right here at Mayfair Casino. You don't need to download any extra software to play - log in to your account and enter the room.

What multipliers can I win?

The game does not include multiplier features - but you can win up to 11x from the standard game betting options.

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