Mega Ball

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Mega Ball is a unique live game show developed by Evolution. Fusing lottery and bingo style mechanics, players will need to complete lines on game cards to win prizes. The more lines complete - the bigger the payout. The game offers incredible multiplier up to 1,000,000x thanks to the Mega Ball feature.

Game Information

Game TypeLive Game Show
Developer Evolution
Max Multiplier1,000,000x
Best StrategyTicket Stacking
FeaturesMega Ball Multiplier, 2nd Chance Mega Ball

Want to learn more about Mega Ball? The Mayfair Casino team have produced this vital resource to help you understand the game. Learn the best strategies to use and play Mega ball today.

How to play Mega Ball

The objective in Mega Ball is to mark off as many lines as possible on a 5x5 numbered game card. Before a game starts, you will need to choose your total bet and number of cards you wish to purchase.

You can buy cards in various pack sizes, including 1 card, 10 cards, 25 cards and 100 cards. The max number of cards you can have in a game is 200. Buying more cards means you have more chances to complete lines.

The overall bet impacts how much you can win from completing a game card. Higher stakes result in improved prizes.

Once the betting timer runs down, all bets will be closed and the game will commence. The ball drawing machine will now extract 20 numbered balls which may match numbers on your cards. 

If a ball matches a number on a game card, then it will be marked automatically. Once all 20 balls are drawn - the Mega Ball will be selected with a random multiplier between 5x and 100x.

Bonus Rounds

There are two bonus events that may happen during a Mega Ball live dealer game.

Mega Ball Feature: Once 20 balls are drawn - one more ball will be selected from the machine. The Mega Ball for the game will have a random multiplier of up to 100x. If the ball completes a line on one of your game cards, your the line prize is multiplied!

2nd Mega Ball: There is a rare chance that a second Mega Ball is drawn, drastically increasing your chances of a win and improved payouts further.

Payouts & RTP

Here is all the payout information for completing lines in the game.

Number of Lines
6+ Lines9,999 - 999,999:1
5 Lines999 - 99,999:1
4 Lines249 - 24,999:1
3 Lines49 - 4,999:1
2 Lines4 - 499:1
1 Line1x (push) - 99:1

RTP varies based on the number of cards you buy. The RTP range is between 95.05% and 95.40% .

Mega Ball Strategy

The best Mega Ball strategy is to bet with more than one card. Selecting more than one card gives you more chance of completing lines. You also maximise your chances of ending a game with a Mega Ball multiplier payout.

If you choose to purchase the maximum number of cards, it's important to set the bet per card to match your budget. To cover all cards, you could choose to place the lowest value bet. With this strategy, you can theoretically enjoy plenty of game rounds.


What is the maximum payout in Mega Ball?

The maximum multiplier for the game is 1,000,000x with a capped cash prize of £500,000.

What is the best Mega Ball strategy?

Buy the maximum number of cards, giving you the highest chance of winning. Each card improves your chance of marking numbers and potentially completing lines. You are also in the optimal position for a Mega Ball multiplier.

Where can I play Mega Ball?

You can play Mega Ball and other Evolution live casino games right here at Mayfair Casino. You don't need to download any extra software to play - log in to your account and enter the room.

What multipliers can I win?

The Mega Ball can have a 5x, 10x 25x, 50x or 100x multiplier applied. The multiplier is selected by RNG software.

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