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Deal or No Deal Live is the live casino adaptation of the iconic TV game show. Developed by Evolution, players get into the hot seat and play for big money boxes. Watch out for a call from the Banker - who can offer you a handsome sum for the contents of your case!

Game Information

Game TypeGame Show
Developed ByEvolution
Max Payout500x (Briefcase 16)
Best StrategyVariable depending on remaining prizes/Banker's offer

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How to play Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live has three main game elements: Qualification, Top Up and the main game.

Here we will explain how each stage works:

Qualification: To enter the game show, you will need to crack open the vault by playing a slot style mini-game. Line up three segments of the vault to enter the bonus. The value you stake in this round will determine your prizes. You can optionally make it easier to qualify in exchange for an increased bet.

Top Up: You can increase the value of prize boxes by playing a spinning wheel game. Select how much you wish to top up and spin the wheel to reveal your total top up. You can increase the value of one box - or select several boxes. Once the timer is up, you will move into the final stage of the game.

Main Game: In the final stage, you play an actual game of Deal or No Deal! The deal will open cases, revealing prizes to be eliminated. Once a set of cases has been revealed, the Banker will call with an offer. You will receive a total of three offers from the Banker in the final round. 

Case Switch: On your final offer from the Banker, you can either decline and see what is in the case - or you can Switch Cases and receive an improved prize.

Payouts & RTP

The RTP of  Deal or No Deal Live is 95.42%. Here are all the payouts in the game and the multipliers that may apply.

1665 - 500x

Deal or No Deal Live Strategy

The best strategy in Deal or No Deal Live is to accept the Banker's offer if it is substantially more valuable than your total stakes. 

If on the first or second deal you receive a lucrative offer, then you should accept it. It's important to note how much you spend in qualification and topping up to gauge a worthwhile offer accurately.

If on the 2nd deal you notice many red value boxes are still available, you should play until the end. It's highly likely you will A) receive a good offer or B) you will be able to play for one of the big prize boxes.

Note: strategies should only be used to enhance your gameplay - and not as a way to make money.


What is the maximum payout in Deal or No Deal Live?

The maximum prize in Deal or No Deal Live is the 500x multiplier which can be won from the 16th suitcase. For the maximum potential win, you will need to wager the largest possible stake in the room.

What is the best Deal or No Deal Live strategy?

Keep an eye on the Banker's offer and always accept if the deal is substantially more than how much you have spent on the game. You can optionally choose to proceed with a game if many red prize values are left.

Where can I play Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live is now available at Mayfair Casino on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

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