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Instant Roulette is the famous live auto roulette game powered by Evolution. There's no need to wait for a game as 12 synchronised single zero wheels give members instant gambling results. It's the fastest game of auto roulette in the world - with maximum player convenience.  

Game Information

Roulette TypeSingle Zero
Max Payout35:1
Best StrategyWheel Coverage

You can play Instant Roulette at Mayfair Casino right now on your mobile or PC device. For further strategies and all the payouts, read our complete playing guide below.

How to play Instant Roulette

To win a game of Instant Roulette, you will need to guess where a metal billiard will fall into a 37 pocket roulette wheel. You can start by choosing your chip size and then tapping where you wish to place your bets. 

Once you place your bet, the screen will zoom in on the next wheel closest to dropping the ball. Each time you bet, you can expect a near instant result!

When the ball lands in a pocket, your bet will be paid out if its a winner. You can now choose to re-bet or double your bets for the next game round. 

Features & Bonuses

Instant Roulette does not feature bonuses or side bets. The main appeal is the 12 auto roulette wheels, giving you the opportunity for instant game results. When you bet, the camera will zoom in on the wheel closest to paying out. 

Once the bet has been resolved, the camera will zoom back out to view the entire room. There's no rush to join the next game round - so you can play the game at your own pace.

The 12 Instant Roulette wheels are 100% automatic with no interaction from a dealer. Instead, air technology is used to send the ball spinning around the wheel.

Payouts & RTP

Here are all the payouts of the Instant Roulette game. The game's return is 97.30%, which reflects the RTP of other single zero roulette wheels.

Bet Type
Even1 to 1
Odd1 to 1
Red1 to 1
Black1 to 1
Low (1-18)1 to 1
High (19 - 36)1 to 1
1st 122 to 1
2nd 122 to 1
3rd 122 to 1
Six numbers5 to 1
Four numbers8 to 1
Three numbers11 to 1
Two numbers17 to 1
Single number35 to 1

Instant Roulette Strategy

Instant Roulette is a single zero roulette game, meaning even money strategies like the Martingale apply. Using these techniques, you can enjoy low volatility gameplay - picking up slow and steady wins. 

You can further increase your risk by betting on single numbers or using a wheel coverage strategy. Evolution's table comes with options to configure and save your favourite betting layouts for future use.

Remember: strategies should only be used for fun - and are not a way to receive guaranteed winnings.


What is the maximum payout in Instant Roulette?

The maximum prize in Instant Roulette is 36 to 1 on a single number bet. For the maximum potential win, you will need to wager the largest possible stake in the room.

What is the best Instant Roulette strategy?

You can focus on even-money betting like red/black or use the Martingale for low risk. High-risk gamblers can bet on single numbers or focus on wheel coverage strategies.

Where can I play Instant Roulette?

Instant Roulette is now available at Mayfair Casino on mobile, tablet or PC devices.

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