Speed Roulette

Play Live Speed Roulette Online

Speed Roulette lives up to its name by offering rapid fire Roulette action in an authentic setting. Available on all devices (including mobile), this fast paced casino game is perfect if you like to bet at a brisk pace.

Why Play Live Speed Roulette Online

This version of Roulette truly lives up to its name with one of the fastest betting experiences available online. Each game round takes just 25 seconds, which is a 50% reduction in game round duration compared to other Roulette rooms. The key to this speed is the custom made wheel, which has been specially crafted for more agile gameplay.

With much speedier game rounds, you can enjoy a higher volume of betting opportunities to truly maximise your gambling entertainment. In terms of gameplay, this is your traditional Roulette affair, using a European style wheel instead of an American one. 

You place your bets in the dedicated betting area, guessing which pocket the ball will eventually fall into. Just don’t take too long guessing, otherwise you may miss the next spin!

As expected from an Evolution Live Casino game , the setting is truly superb, rivaling the quality of their high roller rooms. The delicate blend of reds and golds adds a sense of luxury rarely seen in online casino - and it's certainly not to be missed. 

Completing the experience is the live dealer, who will make sure the wheel continues to spin at the same rapid pace. 

Who Should Play Speed Roulette

This game of Roulette is sure to appeal to you if you want a faster game; all bets take place between spins - so you won’t have to experience dead time between placing the next bet. Ready to experience life in the fast lane? Sign up and play today!

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