Double Ball Roulette

Play Double Ball Roulette

If you want to seriously spice up your Roulette game, then we recommend you play Double Ball Roulette online. In this exclusive Evolution Gaming room, two balls deliver double the thrills. With a press of the button, the dealer will unleash the dual balls onto the wheels, making for one exciting and unpredictable game of Roulette.

Game Information

Game TypeRoulette
Max Payout1,300x
Best StrategySingle number betting, Wheel coverage

If you're feeling jaded with traditional live Roulette games, then we suggest injecting some excitement with this innovative form of Roulette. The double betting potential and unique mechanics makes for an exciting time, regardless of your casino experience.

Betting & Payouts

The double ball feature opens up a world of betting potential for curious Roulette players. The game actually offers higher payouts for straight up number bets when compared to traditional roulette. If both balls land in a single pocket, you can win 1,300x your total stake bet!

For outside betting players, this game actually has lower payouts than traditional Roulette, as you have two chances of success.

As with most Evolution Gaming live games, the action takes place in a luxurious studio custom made to emulate a real casino. The live dealers are some of the finest in the world, meaning you can expect an entertaining Roulette session each and every time.


There are a couple of key differences in the live Double Ball Roulette game when compared to other live Roulette rooms. Firstly, the dealer does not place the balls - instead a button device is used to ensure the integrity of the game. 

Secondly, the game is played on an American Roulette wheel - meaning you can expect the additional double zero hole. 

Other than these points, this is your standard Roulette affair; simply guess where the ball(s) will land by betting in the betting area.

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