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Crazy Time is an Evolution live game show played on a big-money wheel with 54 segments. Like Dream Catcher, the wheel features numbered segments that pay out a face value multiplier. Unique to this game is four RNG bonus rounds - giving players a chance to win thousands in multiplier prizes.

On this page, you will learn how to play Crazy Time with the latest strategies. We also show you all the payouts - and explain each of the four bonuses.

How to play Crazy Time

To win, you will need to guess where the wheel will stop after a spin. Before a game starts, you will need to place a bet on the betting grid. There are 8 possible betting positions - four numbers and the four bonus rounds. 

Here are all the possible segments you can bet on:

Number of Segments
Coin Flip4
Cash Hunt2
Crazy Time1

You can either bet on one segment or choose several (which can be an effective strategy). Once you have placed your bets, the dealer will spin the wheel - wherever the wheel lands is the winning position. 

Above the Crazy Time wheel is a top slot that spins multiplier prizes. The multipliers can apply to bonus rounds - or to single number bets.

There are two potential outcomes once a round of Crazy Time is complete:

  1. If the wheel ends up on a number, all bets with that number will be paid out. 
  2. If the wheel lands on a bonus round - then the feature will start. All players will watch the bonus play out.

Bonus Rounds

Crazy Time features four RNG bonus rounds with the chance for huge multiplier prizes. To enter a bonus round, you will need to place a bet on the respective segment. If you don't have a bet placed - you will miss out!

Here is a description of what each feature does:

Coin Flip Bonus: This is a simple coin flipping game with random multiplier prizes - all players that bet on this position are guaranteed to win. The coin has a blue side and a red side - and each will receive a unique multiplier. The coin will be flipped and players will win the multiplier displayed on the coin. It's possible to win 5,000x if you receive favourable luck from the top slot.

Cash Hunt Bonus: This is a pick and click bonus with random multiplier prizes. 108 multipliers will be displayed in the game - which will then be covered by arcade-style shooting gallery icons. Finally, the multipliers will be shuffled - so you won't know exactly where the most valuable prizes are! You will need to pick where you think the best multipliers are hiding.

Pachinko Bonus Round: The presenter will place a puck into a large pachinko machine. The puck will fall down the wall of pegs into one of the multiplier prizes at the bottom. If the puck lands in a "Double" hole, all multiplier prizes are doubled and the dealer will place the puck into the pachinko machine. There's a chance to activate a second drop, giving players a chance for a second big win! The maximum prize available in this round is 10,000x your total stake bet.

Crazy Time Bonus: The feature is played on another spinning wheel - this time boasting 64 segments. Here you can spin for multipliers of up to 20,000x. When the bonus starts, you will need to pick from one of the coloured flappers at the top of the wheel. You will win whichever multiplier your flapper points to.

Payouts & RTP

Number segments payout a multiplier based on their face value. The multiplier can be further boosted by the spin of the top slot. 

Each of the four bonus rounds has a max multiplier cap. The four bonuses can also have improved multiplier prizes based on the top slot spin.

Here are all the payouts in the game:

Coin Flip95.70%Up to £500,000
Cash Hunt95.27%Up to £500,000
Pachinko94.33%Up to £500,000
Crazy Time94.41%Up to £500,000

Crazy Time Strategy

The Crazy Time live game show can be approached in one of two ways. You can focus on number betting - or you can bank on the bonus rounds. Here is a description of effective strategies:

Number Betting: Focus your bets on the 1, 2, 5 and 10 segments - relying on multipliers from the top slot. The four number bets have better returns than the four bonus rounds. For example, the Number 1 segment has a RTP of 96.08% - while a bonus like pachinko only returns at 94.33%.

For lower volatility gameplay, you can focus on the 1 and 2 segments - to introduce higher volatility, choose the 5 and 10.

Bonus Round Betting: The best prizes are available in the bonus rounds - especially the Crazy Time bonus. The second strategy you can try is to focus exclusively on the bonus rounds. By betting on all four bonuses, you give yourself the best chance of A) entering the bonus and B) taking advantage of the top slot multiplier.

If you want to save money on each spin, you can choose just one or a couple of bonuses. Remember: you will have to sit and watch a bonus play out - even if you haven't bet on it!


What is the best Crazy Time strategy?

You can cover all bonus rounds to guarantee that you enter a bonus - or you can choose a couple of number bets and focus on the top slot multipliers. Ultimately, you should try to have fun with whatever strategy you pick.

Where can you play Crazy Time?

You can play Crazy Time right here at Mayfair Casino.

How much can I win?

You can win up to 100,000x your total stake bet from a combination of top slot multipliers and the Crazy Time bonus.

Which bonus round should I bet on?

For the best cash prizes, you will want to focus on the Crazy Time bonus - but for the best chance of activation, you will want the Coin Flip bonus.

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