Blackjack Diamond VIP

Play Live Diamond VIP Blackjack Online

Live Diamond VIP Blackjack makes one of casinos most popular card games even better. Developed by Evolution Live Casino, you can now enjoy high stakes, VIP friendly games on your mobile, tablet or PC device. 

The action is streamed from luxurious settings and is operated by expert dealers; high rollers are sure to feel welcome with this live casino game. 

Why Play Live Diamond VIP Blackjack Online

Many VIP versions of games are simply higher stakes versions of the original - and it’s painfully obvious when this is the case. This game actually has a couple of key differences when compared to the traditional Blackjack game.

The main difference is that there is no bet behind option, a feature commonplace in other live Blackjack games. To maintain that atmosphere of luxury, class and anonymity - bet behind side bets are not enabled. And that’s good news for serious players.

The other key difference is the studio setting, which is designed to replicate the look and feel of a high class casino. If you love the idea of playing high stakes card games in an opulent setting, then VIP Blackjack is sure to appeal.

Live Diamond VIP Blackjack Rules

This is your traditional game of Blackjack, meaning the objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust. You play against the live dealer who is live streamed to your device of choice. The rules of the game are what you would expect from Blackjack and the same hand values apply.

There are several side bet options available to you which can help maximise their entertainment. You could either place a bet on perfect pairs or take the 21+3 side bet. 

If you draw a pair, you can choose to split the hand for double the action. Or you could place an insurance bet to help ease the damage in the event of a loss.

Whatever way you like to play, Diamond VIP Blackjack is the most luxurious way to do it!

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