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Baccarat Squeeze redefines the traditional Baccarat experience with an advanced multi camera setup; capturing the all important moments of this classic card game in minute detail. If you love added drama and suspense in your casino games, then this is sure to appeal to your gambling senses.

Game Information

Game TypeBaccarat
Max PayoutPerfect Pair (250:1)
Best StrategyBet on Banker
FeaturesSide Bets, Squeeze Play

This game is ideal if you’re looking for a much more dramatic casino gaming experience; the multiple cameras and angles will almost have you biting your nails in anticipation of the final squeeze. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best live experiences available at Mayfair Casino London.

What is the Squeeze in Baccarat?

One of the key moments of any online Baccarat game is what is known as the squeeze; essentially when the player's final face down card is revealed. The live dealer will tease the card by bending it on various sides before flipping to reveal. 

Thanks to Evolution’s studio setup, you can savour this moment in stunning HD and via multiple tantalising camera angles. 

Expert camera work aside, this Baccarat studio is also adequately themed in an Asian style, adding that all important authenticity to your gameplay. The cards are even dealt on a bean shaped table, which is about as authentic as it gets! 

Imagine you have stepped into a Macau casino and have just taken a seat at the table... this live casino game does a fine job of emulating the experience.

How to play Baccarat Squeeze

The live Baccarat Squeeze game follows the traditional rules of the popular card game, which means players can choose to bet on player, banker or a tie outcome. 

To enrich your gameplay even further, you can optionally take one of the many side bets - like the perfect pairs for example.

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