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Play Auto Roulette Online

Live Auto Roulette appears to be your standard game of Live Roulette - until you realise there’s no croupier. Using the latest precision technologies, this Roulette game actually plays itself, offering you a unique casino gaming opportunity in the comfort of your own home. One of the most innovative Evolution Gaming casino experiences to date.

Why Play Auto Roulette Online

This game of Roulette is fully automatic; the wheel uses a blend of air-powered and automation technology to spin 24 hours a day. 

This means you can join the action at your own leisure, as this room has no set opening or closing times. The Auto Roulette wheel also minimises human error, meaning you can be confident with every single bet.

Another major advantage of this Roulette game is the pace of each game, which are typically much faster than your average croupier led game. 

With this in mind, you can experience more gambling thrills in a shorter space of time compared to other casino games. In fact, these wheels can manage an incredible 80 games per hour!

Live Auto Roulette Rules

The rules in this game are what you would expect from any traditional game of Roulette, the objective being to guess which hole the ball falls into. You have your usual betting area where you place your bets alongside a stunning HD view of the wheel; you can also customise your playing interface for your own playing comfort.

Who should play Live Auto Roulette Games

If you love the traditional game of Roulette but would like a much faster paced game, then we highly recommend this automatic version. 

It’s also an ideal choice for gamblers with tight schedules; the wheels 24 hour availability combined with mobile technology makes this one of the most convenient gaming choices out there.

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