Auto Roulette VIP

Play Auto Roulette VIP Online

The Auto Roulette VIP room combines high stakes gaming with the popular automatic wheel mechanics. This means you can take advantage of huge betting limits 24 hours a day. 

And with mobile compatibility, you can join in the action whenever and wherever you feel like. This is often praised as one of the best Evolution live casino games.

Why Play Auto Roulette VIP Online

If you’re new to this game, you may realise that there is no croupier - and that is a factored design choice. This Roulette wheel spins itself using a combination of air and precision technology. 

The removal of the live dealer ensures two things; human errors are minimised and the game can be played 24/7. This flexible schedule is ideal if you’re a busy gambler who may not have time to join tables with set opening hours.

High stakes Auto Roulette is much faster paced when compared to other similar Roulette games. With this in mind, you can maximise your gambling thrills with a flurry of rapid fired high value bets. This game is so fast paced in fact, that the wheel can manage anything between 60 and 80 bets per hour.

High Stakes Auto Roulette Rules

The VIP Auto Roulette wheel may employ the latest technologies to spin, but this does not impact the gameplay. That means you can expect traditional action from this classic casino game. 

Simply choose which pocket you think the ball will fall into on the betting area; there are a range of possibilities to choose from, like straight up number bets or safer outside bets. The wheel action is streamed live to the device of your choice in crystal clear HD video.

Who should play Auto Roulette VIP Online

If you enjoy high stakes Roulette games but wish they were just that little bit faster, than the rapid pace of this automatic version will certainly appeal.

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