Online Roulette Tips

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15 Oct 2018
Roulette is one of those magical casino games that has stood the test of time. Over the decades, mathematicians have obsessed over the nuances of the "little wheel". And their work has borne fruit, for the modern casino player at least. This comes in the form of online roulette tips.

Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions around the game of roulette. And it is often unfairly bundled with the likes of online slots. Many new players think that is merely nothing more than an elaborate fruit machine. And for fans of this game, that statement is a massive disservice. 

With a slot machine, you are at the mercy of RNG and the cold calculations of a machine. But when you play roulette, you are dealing with set, tangible odds. And thanks to the flexibility of the betting table, you get to choose how risky you want your gameplay to be. It is important to norw all roulette games are still subject to the house edge - so the game will always have a statistical advantage over you.

Due to this flexibility, many betting systems and roulette strategies have been created over the years. The elegant Martingale or the risky Paroli - spin the wheel with these systems and you are sure to have an interesting betting session.

At its core, the roulette table is simple to understand and even easier to play. A common suggestion you will hear is only picking the red or black bets. These are also known as the "outside bets". You may also be compelled to avoid the American roulette wheel at all costs. And to each of these, we can't really disagree. But we will say that roulette is the type of game that you can get creative with. 

And why not get creative with it? The developers of these games certainly are! Roulette continues to evolve and offer more opportunities for players. Different devices, different styles, different bet sizes... it speaks volumes that a game hundreds of years old can still be reinvented. Live dealer casino games are the latest phenomenon. Fusing portable gameplay with the authentic action of a real casino has given new purpose to the game. And providers like Evolution Gaming continue to push and reimagine roulette in new and exciting ways.

At Mayfair Casino, we realise the heritage of this classic casino game. And to aid your love affair for the little wheel - we have devised many articles all about roulette tips. From different betting systems to the must-dos to the absolutely do-nots - you will find many useful ideas.