French Roulette Gold

Play French Roulette Gold Online

French Roulette Gold is an authentic live Roulette experience. This version sticks close to the game’s French roots, offering the popular La Partage rule as standard. 

Streamed live from a luxurious casino setting, this game will be perfect for you if you are feeling jaded with the riskier American variants. This particular version is offered by Evolution live casino.

Why Play French Roulette Gold Online

The biggest advantage of this Roulette game is the inclusion of the La Partage rule, in effect reducing the house edge to a mere 1.3% when activated. 

Here’s how it works: any bet placed on even numbers that lands in the zero hole will return half of your original bet, making this an ideal choice if you enjoy sticking to the outside and adopting a slower approach. 

This game is also sure to appeal to your quality senses; Evolution stream the action live from a premium location, themed after exclusive casinos. 

The tasteful blend of crimson reds and contrasting blacks affords this table a rare sense of class. You can enjoy this live game on multiple devices, including mobile, tablet and PC.

Game Rules

The game is played on the classic French Roulette wheel; this means that there is only one zero hole to be wary of (compared to American Roulettes pair of zero pockets). 

To get started, simply place your bets on the betting area - remember, any even bets are eligible for the La Partage rules. 

Who should Play French Roulette Gold Online

This game is sure to entertain you if you’re A) a newer player looking for a gentle starting point or B) a more experienced player who prefers a slow and steady pacing. In both cases, the La Partage rule can be a truly valuable option, making this one of the best Roulette games at Mayfair Casino.

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