Online Blackjack Tips

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15 Oct 2018
The origins of blackjack are shrouded in mystery and legend. Some say the game originated in 17th-century Parisian casinos. Other say it was a Spanish creation. One thing is for certain; the game has existed for a long time. And it goes without saying that men of odds and mathematics have sought out the secrets to 21. In the modern era, these exist as online blackjack strategies.

In a game of blackjack, your chances of winning are really dictated by your knowledge of the hands. Unlike roulette which is more free-form, there are some solid recommendations in blackjack. And these are based on what the dealer has - and the cards in your hand. If we take a basic strategy chart, we can see why some rules are not meant to be broken.

Let's take a soft 17; a hand made up of an Ace and the six card. It's almost never recommended to stand on this hand. This is because you have a high chance for a blackjack win. And if you don't draw the card you want, then you still have the cushion of the Ace. This is why casinos that specify that dealers can hit on soft 17 have a much larger house edge. And if a casino does stipulate this rule, then you should definitely avoid them!

But if we take a hard 17, a hand made up of a 10 card and a seven, it's almost never recommended to hit. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategy guides to teach you the blackjack basic essentials. And these charts and guides are easy to access if you choose to play at online casinos. 

If you are a fan of blackjack games, then you may also be familiar with Rain Man, the 1988 comedy-drama starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. This movie further popularised land-based casino blackjack due to a famous scene in the film. Thanks to Raymond's incredible memory - his card counting skills help the brother's fleece the casino in multiple blackjack games. It's probably one of the most iconic casino scenes in any movie - and inspired a whole new generation of players.

But the truth is, this is an impossible tactic at online casinos. Experienced blackjack players will know that some games are played with multiple decks. These games also feature shoes that continuously shuffle. In this section of the website, we instruct you on ways to perfect your real money card skills with the latest online blackjack strategies. But we also cater to beginners with simple guides like the rules of blackjack.