Starburst Slot Sites

Searching for a Starburst slot sites? Explore the very reaches of casino space with Mayfair Casino
Finding a reputable Starburst Slot sites in today’s casino climate is tricky business. 

And the problem isn’t down to how many sites are out there - in fact, there are literally hundreds to choose from. You will find many sites with long lists of different casinos and bingo sites with insane bonuses and ridiculous perks. 

But there are several reasons why you may want to reconsider that generous 500% deposit match bonus.
For one thing, this random site that is listing out all of these casinos has only one thing in mind; their back pocket. So they are going to show you sites which are paying them the largest amount of cash. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that finding terms and conditions on these types of sites can be tricky - and sometimes, the terms only really start to bite once you have played at the site for a certain amount of time. 

At Mayfair Casino, we pride ourselves on not only luxury service - but being upfront and transparent about our bonuses. You will find all the necessary terms and conditions right in front of you - so you can enjoy your favourite space themed slot with full peace of mind!

Starburst Slot Casino

Since the game’s launch in 2012, Starburst slot casino sites have emerged out of the woodwork from all corners of the internet. And that is because this slot has reached levels of popularity previously unheard of in online casino. 

Take a casual surf around the online casino internet scene and you will find all sorts of sites promoting this colourful and engaging 10 payline slot. But what exactly is it that makes this NetEnt slot so special?

  • Ease of play: many games will try to complicate things, with multi level bonus features, tiered free spins and all sorts of confusing mechanics that will have you reaching for the paracetamol. What’s worse: online slots are constantly trying to outdo each other - so the cycle of overcomplicated casino games continues to grow! This special NetEnt slot doesn’t suffer from over complicated mechanics. Instead, the game keeps it simple with 10 paylines, five reels and just one bonus feature to worry about. 
  • Unmatched on mobile: advances in smartphone and tablet technology have finally allowed us to enjoy our favourite games in the palm of our hands. NetEnt’s classic game plays fabulously on mobile with smooth HD graphics and finger friendly gameplay that makes other online slots literally green with envy. 

Starburst Slot Free Spins

On your internet travels, you will find countless casinos offering Starburst slot free spins, usually as part of a welcome bonus. Some sites will even offer these spins with no deposit required; that means you can literally sign up and use the spins with no need to worry about sticking around at the site. 

That means they are an excellent tool for anyone exploring new casino options. Sadly, they can also be considered a beginner’s trap as many players do not understand the mechanics behind free spins. Here’s a few things to watch out for.

It’s not free money: when you play your no deposit free spins - you will be left with a bonus. For someone totally need to online casino, this may appear to be actual free money that can be withdrawn instantly. 

And what a nice world it would be if this was the case. Free spin winnings are actually awarded as a bonus, a bonus with certain requirements. You can absolutely get the money out as real cash yes, but you will need to meet those requirements first.

Always check the wagering: many players approach looking for Starburst slot sites will search with a certain mindset; to get the biggest amount of bonus. And this can lead to trouble, particularly if you are not watching out for the important terms and conditions. 

Yes, this site may offer away 100 free spins - but is there a catch? It’s important to check those terms and conditions before taking out any bonus - if anything it could make you even more successful.

Bonus example: here at Mayfair Casino, we give away 10 no deposit free spins on Starburst for new players joining the casino. We do this so players have the chance to check out the site and see if they like what they see. 

We award this bonus with certain conditions attached - like 100 times wagering and a max 4x conversion on the value of the bonus. These are standard terms you will find whilst searching for your next site, but some practice even more severe terms.

Starburst Slot Machine Free

Free spin offers like these are one of the reasons players get to try the Starburst Slot Machine free of charge. But there are actually other ways to enjoy NetEnt’s masterpiece for free. One of the most popular ways is to take advantage of the demo feature available at many casino sites (including ours!). 

It’s actually incredibly simple to play a slot for free, you just need to know where to look. First you will want to head to your preferred site; then you will want to navigate over to their games listings and search for your target game. Thanks to the popularity of Starburst, you will usually find the slot somewhere in the featured or most popular section.

Next: simply hover over the game with your mouse or tap the icon with your finger - if the casino is reputable and high quality, they will definitely give you the option to try for free. They can also call this practice mode or play for fun. 

Once you launch the game, you will notice just how authentic the experience is; you have a real balance, can change options, the value of your spins… everything! And if you win, it will almost feel like you have actually won something. 

This is why enjoying games in free play mode can often be advantageous, especially if you are unfamiliar with the game itself.

Starburst No Deposit Free Spins 2018

You may be wondering to yourself: why should I even consider Starburst no deposit free spins when I can just launch the game for free with no hassle? And that is a good question - with a surprising answer. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both methods.

Winnability: probably the biggest reason to choose free spins over a demo version of the game is that you might actually win something. With a free play game, you get a perfectly simulated experience of a win - your heart may even flutter if it’s a big one. 

But that digital balance is not real - so you won’t be able to get your hands on any of that five figure sum. Free spins on the other hand, there is a chance you can legitimately win something - despite the wagering requirements and other factors.

Acquisition: most good Starburst slot sites have the game available for demo play - which is in all honesty a faster alternative to signing up with a site, which can take around 30 seconds.

But look what you get with that 30 seconds - an actual chance of winning something and potentially a casino you enjoy playing at. With this in mind, the extra time to sign up is negligible.

Awareness: by playing a slot in free play mode, you aren’t really experiencing the ambiance of the site or the offering as a whole. You may be missing out on the best casino ever if you jump to another site looking for free play action. That’s what is so good about free spins - you get the chance to experience the site and even get a little reward as a thank you. 

With all of this in mind, free spins emerge from the ring as the triumphant victor! It may seem like choosing the free play mode on a slot is a good idea at first, but you do miss out if you do choose this option.

Starburst Slot Tips

Casino gamers are always looking for a chance to improve their game - and Starburst slot tips are always in high demand no matter the time of year. At first, it may seem like there are no tips available for an online slot - the random nature of games like these surely mean tips don’t work? 

But in actual fact - there are several things you can do to extract more from your gaming sessions with this incredible casino game.

Play with what you can afford: gaming responsibly is one of the best tips out there. There’s absolutely no point in burning yourself out on one high value spin. Try the endurance game - and wait to see if lady luck favours you. 

It can be tempting to go gung ho like a martial arts movie star - but you could be on your way to pressing that log out button and going to bed in a bad mood.

Mix your gaming up: everyone has something they consider to be their favourite. But have too much of that one thing and you are likely to get sick of it pretty quickly. The same can be said with Starburst of course; if you play the game too much - then you are going to get bored of the game. 

So spice your gaming up with some other interesting choices. Head into the live casino and have a chat with the dealer, try another NetEnt game, go for a walk, finally fix that wonky shelf in the bathroom. Once you have had a break and return to the slot, you will have a refreshed outlook - and can continue enjoying the space action.

Comfort is everything: thanks to mobile technology, we no longer have to stay strapped to a desk to enjoy our favourite casino games. In fact, we can lounge on the couch and chill out in front of the television courtesy of our lovely smartphone or tablets. When you’re nice and comfortable, playing casino games becomes a whole lot easier and far more enjoyable. 

Starburst Slot Game Review

NetEnt have created many fantastic slots in a long and illustrious career; but if you tally up the sheer amount of positive Starburst slot game reviews, you start to understand just how universally loved this particular game is. 

Seriously; it’s hard to find even one negative comment about this game. Honestly, we think one of the most fantastic parts of the game is the main bonus feature - which puts a spin on the traditional bonus round format. 

Instead of fruitlessly waiting for that exact combo of special symbols which only seemingly appear on a full eclipse, this slot is far more gentle with its bonus round activation. 

The wild feature takes place on reels 2, 3 and 4 - and you only need the one symbol to appear to start the feature. When the wild does finally appear, it will expand to fill the entire reel like some magnificent rainbow crystal pillar of beauty. 

Better yet; the slot will also re-spin for free - that’s right, no extra costs to pay for the additional spin. Now the feature can end here - unless another wild symbol falls, which will once again repeat the entire feature. 

Finally, if lady luck is really on your side, then you could theoretically fill the entire central three reels with full wild symbols. What’s interesting about this game in particular is the both ways pay game format, so it doesn’t really matter where the wilds fall in the central reels as either side can trigger a win. 

This feature simplicity is exactly why this game is such a beloved classic and why there are so many Starburst slots sites available.

If you’re looking for a brand new casino to play your favourite NetEnt slot, then consider giving our luxury casino a try; we will give you 10 no deposit free spins just for signing up - and you’re free to leave at any time you wish. What are you waiting for? It’s time to blast off with Starburst!