The aliens are invading! Reptoids slots sighted at Mayfair Casino

Find out who lives among us with the alien detector bonus and wild wins...
Detectors at the ready; Reptoid slots are invading Mayfair Casino!

This new 20 payline slot draws inspiration from the 1980s sci-fi genre. Developers Yggdrasil Gaming has expertly captured the essence of films like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
The game theme is simple; reptilian aliens (known as Reptoids) live among us in a disguised human form. But thanks to special detector gadgets, we are able to expose their deadly secret.

Design wise, the developers have opted for a retro comic book style aesthetic. And this works perfectly with the main game feature, which uses the fancy detector gizmo. One thing is for certain; once you read our Reptoids slots review - you may feel a little bit paranoid!

Reptoids Slot Game Features

The detector mechanic plays an integral part in the Reptoids Slot game feature. A high tech gadget will pick out random humanoid symbols and scan them. If the scanner detects an alien lifeform - all humanoid versions of that symbol on the reel will turn wild! Best of all, the feature only activates on high value symbols. 

If a scatter symbol lands in the detection zone, you can look forward to 7 free spins. During the bonus, the scanner feature gets a significant upgrade. If an alien is detected in a high value symbol, then not only will all of the matching symbols turn wild... they will also stick for the duration of the free spins!

And that's not the only upgrade to look forward to. If you manage to detect two aliens during the bonus, then you will be awarded an extra 2 free spins! This is a refreshing change from the traditional matching scatters mechanic found in many other slot games. The scanner also ties in well with the theme of the game. In conclusion, the latest Yggdrasil slot to join Mayfair is an extraterrestrial success!

Play Reptoids Slot at Mayfair Casino

We recommend you play Reptoid slots if you enjoy science fiction style slots or want a change from tired bonus activation mechanics. The slot weaves its alien theme into every fabric of the game. Overall, this is a superb debut from Yggdrasil and the first of many fantastic slots to come.