Play the deadliest game of all in new Jumanji Slot - out now! 🐒

The Jumanji franchise finally makes its long awaited debut into online casino with deadly new Jumanji slot!
The Jumanji franchise finally makes its long awaited debut into online casino with deadly new Jumanji slot!

Based on the classic 1995 movie about a magical (and often deadly) board game, you can now relive the films classic moments with a range of awe inspiring features directly inspired from events in the film.

The Jumanji slot game is a five reel game with a total of 36 paylines - and as expected from developer’s NetEnt; the graphics and sound quality are simply out of this world. The reels are surrounded by the iconic shape of the board game, with key scenes from the film flanking the corners.

The monkeys in the kitchen, the carnivorous plant in the cabinet and the twisting red stairs - this is a nostalgia thrill ride perfect for movie slot lovers! But where Jumanji gets interesting is in its varied bonus features:

Jumanji Slot Game Features

The base game comes with four randomly activating features, which could spring to life on any base game spin. And as befitting NetEnt’s creative status, these are all beautifully linked to the film scenes. Here are the features in detail:

  • Sticky Vines Feature: the reels become tangled with fast growing vines - winning spins and wilds are then held while a respin is awarded.
  • Monsoon Wilds Feature: forget the umbrella - watch as one or two reels become totally wild.
  • Monkey Mayhem Feature: ah one of the original movies biggest stars - these cheeky prime apes will swarm the reels, arranging symbols into a guaranteed winning combo.
  • Wild Stampede Feature: don’t worry about running for your life when this feature activates. Stand around and watch as a herd of animals stampede, leaving 4 to 9 wild symbols in their wake.

These random bonus features keep the Jumanji slot feeling fresh and exciting - but that’s not the only jungle treasures to watch out for.

Jumanji Slot Free Spins

The main game feature had to involve the classic board game mechanic in some fashion - and thankfully that is exactly the case! Activate the main bonus round and you will get to play a game of Jumanji; yes, you even get to roll the dices. As you roll and move along the board, you will pick up instant cash prizes. Land on one of the corners and you will activate a free spins bonus round that is themed after one of the random bonus features. Or you may get extra lucky and land on the mystery feature square; which lets you spin a wheel for a prize of up to 10x your total staked bet!

Play Jumanji Slot Now at Mayfair Casino

The original 1995 Jumanji film will always be remembered for its compelling story and memorable scenes of danger and suspense. And while NetEnt have thankfully, removed the dangerous aspects (like hunters hell bent on killing the players) - they have still retained the magic of the film and that feeling of suspense. Jumanji slot is now available to play at Mayfair Casino and may just be the movie themed slot of the year!
Aaron Braund

21 Jun 2018