Fantastic Fireworks slot is new explosive fun from IGT

Get ready for colourful explosions and even more colourful wins with the latest IGT slot...

Fantastic Fireworks Slot Review: New Year’s Eve may have a new slot champion with the latest explosive slot to join Mayfair Casino.

Developed by master game creators IGT, this slot is all about the explosive wins and dazzling special effects that occur with each spin. Aesthetics wise, the game is set against a silent cityscape, but the cartoon fireworks symbols are sure to wake up this sleeping metropolis.

Played on a 5x5 grid with a total of 10 paylines, the ultimate objective here is to match rows of three symbols which could trigger a combo of further explosions for even bigger wins. Winning symbols will suitably explode, allowing more symbols to join from the top. If we had to compare the slot to anything, it would be almost like one of those addictive mobile puzzle games. Let’s jump into the Fantastic Fireworks slot review:

Fantastic Fireworks Slot Game Features

Chaining explosive wins is the name of the game in the Fantastic Fireworks slot game; each combo will fill up the Rocket Meter which can be viewed to the right of the reels. Filling the meter is beneficial as it can activate one of two separate features; the free spin bonus round or the Cannon Bonus feature.

To help you achieve these explosive combo wins, there are a number of special symbols that you can rely on to further boost your rocket meter. The boom symbol for example will make all adjacent symbols to it explode, resulting in more space for symbols to join. 

The crisscross symbol on the other hand will make all symbols in the row or column of the symbol explode. And finally, the Wild Super symbol not only has a great name - but it will also make the symbol that appears on the current game reels explode and vanish. It’s worth keeping in mind that all three of these symbols will stay on the reels until they explode.

Continuous explosions don’t just fill the rocket meter in the Fantastic Fireworks slot game; multiple explosions will also increase the win multiplier. 7 wins in a row for example will award you 10 times your total staked bet. 

Once you do activate the free spins via the rocket meter, then you will be awarded with 8 free games. Not only this, but special explosive symbols will appear with each spin for an increased chance for combo wins. If you manage to land 10 sparkler symbols, you will also be awarded another 4 free spins.

Finally, we have the Cannon Bonus feature, which lets you pick various cannons to reveal cash prizes; if you reveal a spark, then this will ignite other cannons for even more cash prizes!

Play Fantastic Fireworks Slot Game

It’s only the middle of the year - but we may have just discovered the ultimate New Years spinner! Play Fantastic Firework slot game if you enjoy games with dazzling effects, low variance slots or if you just really love mobile puzzle games but want to add a real money element. Fantastic Fireworks slot launches at Mayfair Casino on the 26th July.
Beth Walker

27 Aug 2019