Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot: The fairest slot of all?

Snow White is making her online casino debut with new Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot...
Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the funnest game of all? Well, Fairytale Legend Mirror Mirror slot makes a compelling case!

The latest of NetEnt’s Fairytale Legends series joins Mayfair Casino on the 26th July - and by the sounds of it, this will be the final game in the magical slot collection. But do the Swedish developers end the trilogy on a high note?
Retelling the story of Snow White, the game takes place in a secluded and dark forest; in the background, we can spy a majestic castle. As impressive as the castle is, you will probably be paying attention to all of the shiny goodies on the reels like gemstones, enchanted lamps and of course Snow White and her evil Queen mother.

At the side of the reels, we have Snow White reacting to the action on the wheels - strike a win and she may even blush. Like the first two games, this slot promises a magical time with numerous bonus features. And it all starts with a certain magic mirror...

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot Review

When creating our Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot Review, we couldn’t help but notice just how gorgeous the game was; once again, the talented bunch at NetEnt have created a feast for the eye balls. The game looks especially good on mobile with animations crisp, clear and wonderfully fluid.

More impressive still is the huge array of bonus features available - most of which are thematically keeping with the rest of the slot. For example, the Mirror Re-Spin feature; the mirror can only appear on reel 3 in the base game. And when it appears, it can show either Snow White or the awful Queen. After one of the two are chosen, the slot will hold symbols of that type in place - the game will then re-spin at no extra cost.

On top of this, you can also look forward to three random features to spice up your gameplay. These features all involve a magical fairy and if you are familiar with the previous Fairytale Legends games, you will know what to expect in the Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot. You can look forward to random clusters of medium win symbols, a transforming sure win bonus or the Mirror Re-Spin feature.

Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot Free Spins

The Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot free spins are just one of three possible awards when you match three of the golden box symbol. Alongside free spins, you could activate an instant coin win which could award up to 15x your total staked bet - or the Mining Bonus. If you were wondering when the seven dwarves were going to make an appearance, well they are right here! Smash precious gemstones to bits and collect the valuable coin wins inside.

As for the free spins; the Mirror Re-spin symbol will now appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 - meaning more chances for the re-spins to take place. Overall, this feature packed slot may even be more impressive than the previous games in the series - and is a worthy way to end a memorable trilogy.

Play Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror Slot

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho… it’s off to play Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot we go! NetEnt have once again brought a classic and beloved story to life in fantastic detail. And while the end of such a trilogy is bittersweet - the Swedish developers couldn’t have ended it on a higher note. Fairytale Legends Mirror Mirror slot comes to Mayfair Casino on the 25th July.
Aaron Braund

29 Jun 2018