Triple Tigers slots is vintage slot machine perfection

Pragmatic Play delivers a slice of classic slot action...
Triple Tigers Slots is here to show us that retro is back in style.

Everything about this game is a homage to classic slot machines. The three reels, single payline and the visible paytable is sure to give you a nostalgic kick.

The Pragmatic Play slot boasts an oriental theme and elegant Asian style. And this blends perfectly with the feature lite approach of the game. But exactly how feature lite are we talking?

And who will this new game appeal to? Let's find out in our quick Triple Tigers Slots game first impressions.

Triple Tigers Slots Bonus

Nowadays, we're used to seeing slots with all sorts of free spins and elaborate bonus mechanics. But the Triple Tigers Slots bonus is far more simple - because there isn't one! There are no free spins, wild features, scatter symbols or anything of that ilk.

This slot is purely focussed on providing vintage gaming action with high payout potential. In fact, some symbol combos can pay as high as 500x!

Triple Tigers Slots Payouts

While lacking in features, this does have a tremendous benefit to the game speed. With no bonuses breaking up the rhythm of the game, you will find that betting rounds are rapid.

This means you can squeeze in even more gambling sessions. This is perfect if you are beginning to tire of long drawn out bonus features. This refreshing simplicity further adds to the games stunning retro appeal.

How to play Triple Tigers slot

Play Triple Tigers Slots and you will begin to understand just how easy the game is to play. But while the gameplay might be simple, there are plenty of advanced options available for the pros out there. Starting with the betting controls.

We have rarely seen slots that give you so much control over the size of your bets. You can set the price via the coins per line, the actual coin value - or you can just adjust the total bet. 

Triple Tigers Slots Autoplay

The autoplay options are also comprehensive - with a range of stopping mechanisms and limits. You can stop autoplay if your total cash balance increases, if a single win exceeds a certain amount - or even if your balance decreases by a set amount.

And finally, for all the speed players out there - you have two settings to improve the pace of the game. You can set the quick spin for a marginal speed increase. Or you can activate the turbo spin for some rapid fire action.

Triple Tigers Slots: First Impressions

Pragmatic Play slots are well known for their Vegas influence - but Triple Tigers Slots takes that to a whole new level. This is a fitting tribute to retro slot machines that is both accurate and fun. 

While the lack of features will certainly put many off - the hardcore players out there will love this medium to high variance slot. Give it a go right now in the Mayfair Casino lobby - or read our full Triple Tigers Slots review for more information.
Beth Walker

05 Feb 2019