Thunderous wins await in new Thor's Lightning Slots

Activate the electrifying free spins by smashing the central reels...
Thor's Lightning Slots is a 7x7 video slot from Red Tiger Gaming. Thunderous wins await whenever the Norse god appears waving his magical hammer. With cluster wins and two free spins rounds, this slot is an epic adventure worthy of Valhalla.
Unique to this game is the central free spins block. A combination of adjacent wins unlocks the free spins - making this slot an exciting prospect. Factor in beautiful graphics and spectacular effects - and this game is an electrifying prospect.

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Thor's Lightning Slots Game

Thor's Lightning is a fantastical reimagining of the frozen Viking north. Emblazoned runes glow from floating pieces of stone to add an extra touch of mystique. All in all, this slot looks fantastic - and Thor looks as mighty as you would expect.

In an odd twist, this new Red Tiger Gaming slot features no special symbols such as wilds or scatters. Instead, we have the low paying rune symbols and the more valuable picture symbols.

Thor's Lightning Slots Game

The game features no paylines and there are no "ways to win". Instead, this is a winning cluster game. If a cluster of five or more symbols forms, then a win is awarded and those symbols vanish. This allows more symbols to join from the top.

These winning clusters are also the key to activating the game's primary bonus features.

Thor's Lighting Slots Bonus

Activating the Thor's Lightning Slots bonus feature requires no matching of scatter symbols. To activate free spins, you will need to unlock the 9x9 square of symbols in the centre of the reels. Hitting a cluster win on an adjacent tile will unlock a section of the square.

If you manage to break all 8 outer segments, then you will activate one of the free game features. This could be the Valhalla Free Spins - or the Muspell Free Spins.

Valhalla Free Spins

Played in the majestic hall of heroes, Thor removes all symbols from the reels and replaces them with golden shields. Any golden shields that land on the reels will be stuck in place for the duration of the free spins.

Thor's Lightning Slots Free Spins

Once the bonus had ended, each shield will reveal a random stake multiplier - which could result in a divine win.

Muspell Free Spins

Ready for some scorching action? In these free games, you enter a fiery world - where Thor will this time remove all low paying symbols from the reels. During this feature, one of two random bonuses can activate.

There's the Lava Shower, which will spray hot magma onto the reels destroying random symbols. Or there's the Lava Flow feature, which will create identical symbols on connected reels.

Thor Random Features

The God of Thunder has to steal the show in his own game right? At random, the flamed haired deity can throw his hammer onto the reels removing all low pay symbols or random clusters of symbols.

Play Thor's Lightning at Mayfair Casino

If you want electrifying slots action with legendary free spins - then Thor's Lightning Slots is the game for you. With its cluster win mechanic and random bonus features, this game might even rival the mightiest Mythological themed games.

Thunderstruck 2 Slots move over - there's a new slot god in town. Try this game right now on Mayfair Casino.
Beth Walker

25 Feb 2019