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Monopoly Live is a live dealer game show based on the popular board game franchise. The vertical prize wheel game features familiar branding and characters like Uncle Pennybags. One of the most impressive features is the innovative 3D bonus round played on a virtual Monopoly board. 

Game Information

Game TypeMoney Wheel
Max Payout£500,000
Best StrategyBonus Bet Coverage
Features Chance Multiplier, Monopoly Bonus

Here the Mayfair Casino team show you how to play Monopoly Live and popular strategies to play. We also explain how the various bonus features operate.

How to play Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is played on a vertical prize wheel with 54 segments. To win, you need to guess the correct outcome of a bonus wheel spin. Four numbered segments pay out their face value - while three other segments act as bonuses.

For a full breakdown of the prize wheel, see the table below:

Number of Segments
2 Roll3
4 Roll1

Each game starts by placing a wager on one of six options. Simply click or tap one of the segments to place your bet. Once a timer has elapsed, the dealer will spin the Monopoly live wheel.

The results of the wheel spin has three outcomes:

  1. If the wheel lands on a number segment, all bets with the number payout, and the next game starts
  2. The wheel ends up on the "Chance" segment, awarding an instant win prize or multiplier - the dealer will now spin the wheel again
  3. The wheel lands on "2 Rolls" or "4 Rolls" - triggering the Monopoly Bonus

Bonus Rounds

The Monopoly Live dealer game features two bonus features:

Chance Segment: If the wheel lands on the "Chance" segment - you can receive an instant cash prize or multiplier on the next wheel spin. The multiplier prize applies to both numbered segments - and the Monopoly Bonus. Two back to back "Chance" multipliers can also stack for even more valuable prizes.

Monopoly Bonus: Landing on the "2 Roll" or "4 Roll" segment will activate the Monopoly Bonus with a corresponding number of dice rolls. The game is a 3D bonus round played on a Monopoly board with Uncle Pennybags playing a starring role. With each dice roll, Pennybags will move to spaces on the board - collecting multiplier prizes. Landing doubles will award extra dice rolls. If you spin a Chance multiplier segment - you can win better multiplier prizes during the feature.

Note: To be in for a chance to win the bonus, you will need to have placed a bet on the "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls" segment. If you don't have a bet placed - you will have to watch the bonus playout - with no chance to win!

Payouts & RTP

Here is all the payout information for the Monopoly Live game:

2 Rolls93.90%Up to £500,000
4 Rolls93.67%Up to £500,000

The number bets may pay out less, but they appear more frequently than the bonus segments. 

Monopoly Live Strategy

There are several ways you can bet in Monopoly Live - the main takeaway is that you can either choose to bet on numbers - or focus on the bonus bets.

Number Bet Strategy (Bet exclusively on number segments)

Place bets on the number positions and take advantage of the "Chance" multiplier. You can use a low volatility version of this strategy (1+2) or introduce a higher risk (5+10). The number bets have an enhanced chance of appearing when compared to the bonus bets, resulting in better returns. For example, the 2 segment has a 96.22% RTP compared to 4 Rolls 93.67%.

Bonus Bet Strategy (Focus on bonus rounds)

The "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls" bonus rounds have the chance to pay out the biggest prizes in the game. But they also appear far less often than the other bets. For optimal bonus betting, you should also focus on a number, giving you extra chances to win. The low volatility version would involve 1 and 2 - while riskier styles involve 5 and even 10.

Hybrid Strategy (Mix both numbered and bonus segments)

The strategy focusses on mixing bonus bets with standard number segments. This tactic's key focus is to get the best of both worlds - regular wins from the numbers and the vast payout chances from the bonus rounds. With this strategy, you can also enjoy multiplier wins thanks to the "Chance" appying to both segments.


What is the maximum payout in Monopoly Live?

You can win up to £500,000 in the Monopoly Live room. The £500k is the max win cap for the room in a single win. The highest prize paid out to all members in a room has exceeded over £1 million!

What is the best Monopoly Live strategy?

If you value more frequent winning chances - focus on wheel coverage and the 1+2 segments. If you enjoy higher risk or the chance of winning more - bet on the "2 Rolls" or "4 Rolls" options.

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

You can play Monopoly Live and other Evolution live casino games right here at Mayfair Casino. You don't need to download any extra software to play - simply log in to your account and enter the room.

Can I use any other strategies?

Yes, Monopoly Live is compatible with the Martingale and other even-money betting styles. Playing the 1 + 2 options gives you over 50% of wheel coverage, meaning these bets do work. You can also focus on a single segment to reduce your bets.

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